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Caoimhe’s journey in becoming a Supervising Pharmacist

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Caoimhe (She/Her) | May 28, 2024
Supervising Pharmacist
I see Boots as a gateway into the future of pharmacy in Ireland
Caoimhe in Boots Ireland Store

Why did you choose to start your career with Boots Ireland?

I chose to start my career with Boots Ireland as I knew they had a great reputation, especially for training. I knew training with them would set me up with the best chance going forward in my career as a community Pharmacist. I was confident in the support provided and trusted that those already working for Boots would set me up in the right way for a successful career.

Your career with Boots Ireland spans a number of years, tell us about your career journey so far.

I started with Boots Ireland in 2011 as a second-year summer placement student and little did I know then that I’d still be here today. I have completed two summer placements, the internship programme, became a Relief, Support and Supervising Pharmacist. I now work as Supervising Pharmacist in a flagship store and have loved every role so far. I loved the support, structure and knew that Boots was always recognised as a great training establishment. Over the years, I received incredible training and more recently I have been involved in training and supporting future pharmacists. I have seen opportunities in varying roles and gained experience from both a pharmacy and business aspect. I witnessed the opening of stores and the launch of services. Seeing Boots’ involvement in shaping the future of Pharmacy in this country, I knew I wanted to continue my journey with them.

Boots store in ireland

What has been the most important thing you have learnt over your time with Boots Ireland?

It is important to remember that change will happen, and you need to adapt with it. Over the years, I have seen many changes in the world of pharmacy. I have worked through financial crashes, global pandemics and times of pressure on the healthcare system in this country. I started at a time when we offered a small number of services, and have now given thousands of vaccines – I even had the opportunity to perform one of the first COVID vaccinations in a pharmacy in Ireland. Through all the changes, Boots Ireland has remained consistent, reliable and innovative. They have supported pharmacists through tough times in our career and have done so with guidance and advice while also ensuring they listen to us and can adapt to the ever-changing role.

Why would you recommend Boots Ireland to future Pharmacists who are starting their careers?

Opportunity! Boots is a career choice and if you choose a role with Boots you are signing up for endless opportunities and career paths, both in pharmacy and in business. I am passionate about my role as a community Pharmacist and about our role in the healthcare system. I see Boots as a gateway into the future of pharmacy in Ireland. Boots have proven time and time again that they can both adapt to change and also bring about changes for the better in the healthcare setting and I revel in being part of that. I look forward to my future roles with the company.

What’s next?

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a community Pharmacist! The extensions to our scope of practice, (with more to come) means we will have more responsibilities and can use our skills and knowledge more than ever before. I look forward to being part of a team and a company with ideas for how we can expand our role. I am also passionate about training and I hope to continue to work with Trainee Pharmacists and be a part of shaping their future careers in community pharmacy.

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