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Why I love being a Stepin2 Science apprentice…

Kat | January 07, 2016
Packaging Technologist in Beauty Brands Development
I have been a Science StepIn2 Apprentice for the past six months and so far, I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Boots UK.
Why I love being a Stepin2 Science apprentice…

The apprenticeship is a great way to understand how important science is to the success of the Boots brand. Over the two year apprenticeship programme I get to work in four different departments; beauty packaging, beauty formulation, food science and claims, giving me a better understanding of where I may want to work in in the future.

Currently, I am still working in my first department (beauty packaging) and I am thoroughly enjoying it. There are different tasks every day and the amount that I have learnt in the past six months is unbelievable. Some days I will spend a lot of time in the lab performing various testing on packaging;  leak tests, evacuation tests, compatibility tests and weight loss tests to name a few! I enjoy watching a project go forward, and the trial and error methods of changing the packaging materials to ensure that it passes all of the necessary tests.

I go to college one day a week to complete my Level 3 BTEC Applied Science (which is equivalent to two A levels) and also have support from college to help me achieve my Level 3 NVQ. These qualifications mean that I have the opportunity to go on to further education after my apprenticeship and I am intending to do a Chemistry Degree (sponsored by Boots UK) as a part-time degree, whilst still working.

I joined Boots UK straight after finishing my GCSEs, so to join such a large company at 16 years old was very daunting at first. However, within days of joining I felt extremely comfortable within my team as everyone made me feel extremely welcome and they were all very helpful. We went white water rafting as a team building activity, which helped me get to know them better and was an amazing experience. As an apprentice we also take part in many social events, with other apprentices from different areas of the business, which means we can all share our experiences. We go to careers events at schools and colleges to help promote the apprenticeship and speak to students considering their career options.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoy my apprenticeship and think it’s a great way to kick start my career!

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