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Victoria’s Graduate Scheme So Far

Victoria Huggett
Victoria Huggett | November 10, 2017
IT Graduate
I feel like I have been part of Boots for a very long time, but in reality it’s only been three years since I joined as a graduate. My continued time here really is a testament to the breadth of experience that Boots can give you. It’s been a whirlwind!
Victoria’s Graduate Scheme So Far

I joined Boots as part of the IT Year in Industry scheme part way through studying for my degree at the University of Huddersfield. My time in the IT department not only gave me valuable industry experience, it also allowed me to explore Boots as a company and really understand its ethos; Boots is built on, and truly values, its people and you can really feel that around the office. And so, when I was offered the opportunity to return on the Graduate scheme at the end of my degree I jumped at the chance.

I re-joined the company on the IT Graduate scheme after a year out, and have had the most amazing opportunities since; from supporting the creation of the new Boots app alongside Walgreens (our sister company in the USA), to creating effective service support models for all the new projects we launch every year. I couldn’t be more grateful for the development Boots has given me. To top this off, when it came to my last placement I made the conscious decision to move out of IT and into Digital and was supported by the department the whole way. It was great to know I didn’t have to choose between my interests in IT technical skills and how customers act; Boots gave me the opportunity to work with both.



I currently work within the Digital Experience team as a Portfolio Manager and honestly I couldn’t be happier – not only are the team just lovely people, they are also very skilled specialists in their fields; the amount I learn from the designers every day still astounds me!

As a whole the Digital team work to develop, run and continually improve Boots digital platforms to ensure we are giving our customers the best experience across all channels – it’s not an easy job but everyone really enjoys the challenge. Digital is woven throughout our business and since is our biggest “store” the importance of our success is ever growing.

With that in mind and now sitting within Digital, I have been helping the HR team develop the new Digital Graduate scheme and alongside them I’ve worked hard to make the new scheme as exciting and inspiring as possible. Whether you want to work in Digital, Pharmacy or even in retail with the brands we sell in Boots, the Graduate scheme has something for everyone and can take you down really exciting career paths.

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