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It feels great to be able to say, “I have a career!”

Boots Admin
Boots Admin | October 25, 2016
When I was offered a job at Boots in 2015, I was so happy. It was a chance to get my foot into the door of a company that was well known and, had lots of career opportunities.
It feels great to be able to say, “I have a career!”

I originally applied for a Christmas Temp job, and after returning home from my interview I received the call I was hoping for, but it was with an unexpected twist! It turned out that I had really impressed them and they wanted to know if I would be interested in working within the Pharmacy department as a Healthcare Advisor.

If I’m honest my initial reaction was that I was unsure as, I had no experience of healthcare, however, within a matter of weeks I got the hang of things and I began to feel really comfortable, particularly with the regular customers. I couldn’t believe it when they started calling me by my first name, it made me feel really proud of my achievements and confirmed that I had made the right decision with accepting the role.

The thing I love most about this role is the opportunity for development, I was put onto the Healthcare Advisor course after only being with Boots for four months, which I’m happy to say I passed and really enjoyed the experience. I learnt so many new things and it really gave me the confidence I needed.

The next step for me is the Dispensing course which I’m starting soon, after completing that I’ll be a qualified Pharmacy Advisor and will be able to dispense in any Boots store across the country. Being able to dispense in any store gives me the flexibility to move if I want to, which is a massive opportunity for me and my future with Boots.

If you’d asked me a year ago where I wanted to be now, I’d be pretty happy with answering ‘I hope I’ll have a job’ but now I can answer ‘I have a career’, It’s a great feeling.

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