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How do our Content Marketing team play their part in every gift at Christmas?

Content Marketing Team
Content Marketing Team | January 08, 2018
Nottingham Support Office
When it’s 30 degrees outside we’re on set with snow and Christmas trees!
How do our Content Marketing team play their part in every gift at Christmas?

We met up with the Content Marketing Team to talk about their roles at Boots UK Support Office in Nottingham, here’s what they had to say;


Content Marketing Team

Fiona Lakin – Marketing Manager – Content

Charlotte McDowell – Assistant Marketing Manager – Content (Christmas Gift Guide & Inspiration Hub)

Katie Barber – Assistant Marketing Manager – Content (Health & Beauty Magazine)

Stuart Clarke – Video Production Manager

Jess Rigley – Photographer & Retoucher

Laura Harding – Marketing Assistant – Content (Christmas Gift Guide)

Katie Harrison – Marketing Assistant – Content (Health & Beauty Magazine)

Robyn Davies – Copywriter

How do you play your part in every gift at Christmas?

Charlotte – I choose all the products that go into our Gift Guide – it’s brilliant being able to share my recommendations of great products!

Katie H – We do our walkthroughs so early so that we are ahead of the game for all trends and products (which is super exciting!)

Stu – I produce videos that inspire our customers to get ready for Christmas; from ‘Get the Look videos’ sharing make-up looks helping them get ready for Christmas parties, to videos showing customers how to wrap their presents.

Jess – I get the super exciting job of photographing the products and bringing them to life! We also get to photograph the inspiration posts, to help you make that all important decision of what makeup to wear, how to do your nails, or how to personalise that perfect gift!

Robyn – I bring all the above to life online, creating content that really engages customers and gets them in the Christmas spirit, from ‘get the look’ videos to gifting inspiration.

Tell us an interesting fact about your role…

Katie H – We get to find out about all the new launches a year ahead (shh!)

Katie B/Charlotte – Shooting the cover for both the Gift Guide and Health & Beauty magazine happens in June! So when it’s 30 degrees outside we’re on set with snow and Christmas trees!

Charlotte – I start thinking about next Christmas, this Christmas! We research and review in the moment to give us a really strong customer led plan for the following year

Jess – Every day is completely different! One day I can be working on inspirational lifestyle photography, the next day I can be working in London alongside someone famous. I love it!

What would you say is the most exciting part of your role?

Katie H – Finding out about the latest trends before they hit is really exciting

Robyn – It’s great being able to work dynamically across a range of platforms – whether that’s copywriting or assisting on a video shoot.

Katie B – I love being involved in the creative element of the magazine seeing it all brought to life, as well as watching the customers reaction when they pick it up in store.

Laura – Yep agree! I love getting the first printed copy of the guide. Spending so much time on it and then seeing the final version, (smelling the paper!), and seeing everyone’s reaction is really fulfilling!

Stu – Video shoots are always a fun day. It feels like a real team effort and it’s great when we produce video that we are all proud of and our customers love too.

Why do you love what you do at Boots?

Katie B – I love the diversity of my role. One day I could be on a cover shoot, the next day I could be sat at my desk approving pages! I get to work with lots of great people internally and externally and at the end we have a magazine that gives our customers great advice and information about all things Health and Beauty.

Stu – I love the process of making videos – from pre-production planning, to filming, to editing, to launch.

Jess – Every day is a challenge, and it only pushes me to develop more and more as a Photographer and Retoucher!

All – Seeing it in-store/online for the first time!!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Laura – Spending time with family and friends

Katie H – Party season!! Everyone’s in a great mood and chirpy all the time ?

Katie B – I love watching people open all the presents that I’ve bought them (hoping they love them)!

Robyn – Everyone feels more light-hearted and is having a good time – and the food of course!!

Charlotte – I love Christmas morning waking up with all the family and just spending time together watching a Christmas film

Stu – A Bailey’s or two..

Jess – Its all about the mince pies! Who doesn’t love a mince pie?!


If you’d like to hear more about opportunities within our Marketing Departments, make sure you’re connected with our Recruitment Partner for Marketing and Trading, Frankie McCallister-Lyas on LinkedIn.

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