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Connor’s Story with No7 so far

Connor | May 22, 2017
No7 Regional Business Manager
I started my journey with Boots back in 2010 as a Christmas temp. I remember when I had the conversation with my line manager that they were going to keep me on – it was the best Christmas present that year.
Connor’s Story with No7 so far

My first role was working as an Electrical Beauty Consultant, looking after that department within the store – this job prepared me with the skills and behaviours I needed to have a successful career with Boots.

Since then, I have gone on to do a multitude of store based roles within Boots such as, No7 Business Manager in a flagship store and Assistant Store Manager looking after a top 300 store, driving the overall growth of both the retail and pharmacy business.

Six years down the line, and I am now a Regional Business Manager for No7. Looking after the regional No7 agenda, landing the commercial plan in 18 stores and most importantly and my favourite part of the role, spending time in stores with our No7 Advisor & Business Manager population, focusing on their own development and coaching them to grow further within their roles.

I love that my role allows me to spend time on the shop floor, with our brand advocates each and every day – creating the best ‘No7 way’ experiences with our customers at any given moment. Equally, I am partnering with Area Managers and the Head of Customer Experience every day to align our goals and ensure the regional business plan is exceeded. Of course, it can be challenging at points – but this role has allowed me to grow and develop in areas that I would never have known existed.

What makes me smile every day? When I spend time with one of our advisors, coaching them on how to perform the role to the best of their ability and utilize their skillset, and then I return in a few weeks’ time and they have the biggest smile on their face, as they feel valued and supported and have put all the previous ideas into practice and generating monumental results.

My work colleagues, advisors and stakeholders are an extended family to me and if I had never got the phone call to say I was kept on after my Christmas temp job 6 years ago, then I would not have the pleasure of working with some of the best customer focused advisors, some of the best leaders and one of the best brands that has my development at their heart.

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