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Here is your chance to be part of a Pharmacy team that does life changing work every day.  Join us for your Pre-registration training and you will be based in a store that is purposefully selected to give you a breadth and depth of experience within community pharmacy; supported by experienced tutors and pharmacist trainers.

Will you be looking for a Pre-registration Placement in England in 2021?

Take a look at our Pre-registration hub, where you’ll be able to see our application dates and discover more about our Pre-reg programme, including testimonials and videos from our colleagues.

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Important dates and how to apply

Applications open: 9am Monday 13th January 2020

Applications close: 5pm Friday 7th February 2020

Online assessment: Sent within 48 hours of submitting application. This should be completed within five days of receiving the email.

Email sent to shortlisted students: March 2020

NES to complete PRPS placing round 1 & 2: September 2020

Contracts emailed to successful students: October 2020

If you are applying to Scotland, you will need to apply for a pre-registration training place through the NES PRPS scheme in Spring 2019. Visit for further information

Important dates and how to apply

Applications open: 23rd October 2019. Applications close: 8th November 2019

Online assessment: Sent within 48 hours of submitting application. This should be completed within several days of receiving the email.

Interview period: 15th, 16th, 21st & 26th November 2019

Verbal offers made and contracts emailed to successful students:
If you’re currently working for us: Week commencing 9th December 2019
If you’re not currently working for us: Week commencing 16th December 2019

Important dates and how to apply

Pre-registration placements will be advertised through ORIEL in Summer 2020. For information on the ORIEL process please visit

Important dates and how to apply

Students who complete our 2020 Summer Placement programme may have the opportunity to secure a 2021 Pre-registration placement with us before the Oriel recruitment process.

All remaining Pre-registration placements will be advertised through ORIEL in Summer 2020. For information on the ORIEL process visit

We have over 700 Pre-registration training pharmacies across the UK. These locations are the stores which are being offered for a 2019 Pre-registration placement. These stores may change for the 2020 Pre-reg intake.


Frequently asked questions

I already work for Boots, do I still need to apply for a Pre-registration placement?

We want to support the further development of our colleagues whenever possible. You may therefore be eligible to receive a direct Pre-registration training offer with us. Please refer to the intranet to see the current guidance.

Do I need to complete a summer pharmacy placement to apply for a Pre-registration placement with Boots?

No, it is no longer a requirement. However, it’s advisable to ensure that you have some experience in pharmacy to relate to during your Pre-registration interview.

I’ve heard that community pharmacy isn’t very clinical, is this true?

We are immersed into primary care, making us the first port of call for many patients when they need help or advice on their symptoms or medicines. In addition to this, we offer a wide range of innovative pharmacy services that pharmacists are given advanced training to deliver. These include Meningitis B, HPV and flu vaccination services. We also have several hospital outpatient pharmacies, supporting us to deliver excellent person-centred care.

What’s next for me after completing my Pre-registration training?

We will support you through the RPS accredited Foundation Programme; building on your knowledge and skills through your first 1000 days of practice. We have an Advanced Practitioner Programme to develop your clinical knowledge and there is an opportunity after that for colleagues to complete a Clinical Diploma and independent prescribing course.

Contact information

For more information on our Pre-registraion training:


Our stores

With around 2,500 health and beauty stores across the UK, approximately 90% of the population is estimated to be within a 10-minute drive from one of our stores. For each store, we have developed a multi-format strategy – focusing on giving our customers more of what they want and need. Through the care of our friendly and professional colleagues and our ‘Order & Collect’ service, we make sure our customers have easy access to any of our products, from any store.

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Local pharmacy

These stores are healthcare-focused, community stores. These aim to reach even more of our customers where they want us and work closely with other local healthcare providers to keep local communities healthy.

Health & beauty

Usually located at the edge of town, or on the high-street, these stores offer pharmacy-led care whilst also acting as a destination for shopping. They offer a wide range of products, including all of our leading brands.

Flagship store

These stores have our widest healthcare offering, including extensive pharmacy services, our Opticians practices and our Hearingcare locations and the biggest range of premium beauty and exclusive brands.

Travel and airport stores

These have our targeted ranges, meeting the last minute needs of our customers when they are travelling.

What's in it for me?

By joining our Pre-registration training programmes, you’ll be offered support by your colleagues and treated as a valuable member of the community. You’ll gather a wide range of experience in a number of services offering, as well as the traditional prescription dispensing. You’ll also have the opportunity to support your local community through additional training such as becoming a Dementia friend or Boots Macmillan Information Pharmacist. You will also help towards the development of other team members, using the skills you learn during your placement, such as coaching trainee pharmacy advisors.

During the year, you will be provided with a structured training programme that not only supports you in collecting evidence against the regulator performance standards, but sets you up to sit the registration assessment. Our Pre-registration Pharmacist Programme support your development to becoming a competent, confident pharmacist, allowing you to put your knowledge into practice.

What happens after Pre-reg?

In 2017, we offered a newly qualified pharmacist position to over 90% of our Pre-reg trainees – subject to performance and location during their Pre-registration year. We have a wealth of pharmacy opportunities available and there are many different locations to be placed after you have completed Pre-reg.

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How does the year work?

We offer a tailored, digital Pre-registration programme which includes:

Digital learning and face-to-face training

  • A welcome day with your tutor.
  • A digital learning programme with set monthly activities
  • Monthly face-to-face study sessions

You’ll be invited to a welcome day where you can spend some valuable time with your tutor to set you up for the year ahead. We have a digital learning programme on our online learning portal, which gives you the chance to understand our Pre-registration programme better. We also organise monthly face-to-face study days where you can put your knowledge into practice.

Mentoring and professional development

  • A training site forum to support your peers
  • Calculation support and exam preparation
  • A Pre-reg conference with senior pharmacy leaders

Throughout your year with us, we will provide you with plenty of support to set you up for the registration exam, include calculation papers and a full length mock exam. You’ll also be invited to the annual Pre-registration pharmacist conference, where you can learn about the industry and the opportunities we offer which will be delivered by senior leaders across the business.

Care & support

  • A Healthcare Academy Trainer, a tutor and a friendly store team – all ready to help build your skills and knowledge
  • Opportunities to work closely with local primary care providers

Supporting each other is at the core of our culture. During your Pre-registration year you’ll be supported, not only by your tutor and other colleagues in store, but by your area and regional team, including a Healthcare Academy Trainer. We believe in giving you the best support to get you through your Pre-registration exam.

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Learning & Development Manager, Jasmin Patel answers your frequently asked questions

What our colleagues are saying

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“The hard work I put in during my time at university was finally put into practice. Working with a big Pharmacy team, in one of the busiest stores in the company made me develop resilience and leadership skills. I am grateful for the amazing people that have helped me throughout this exciting journey, along with having a structured pre-reg year”

Ali Jawad - Pre-Reg Pharmacist, Liverpool Street

“The best part of my pre-reg year with Boots has to be attending the Let’s Connect conference, where I got to learn more about the company, speak to other professionals within the company and attend the Boots Gala with all the other pre-reg pharmacists”

Ifa Mohammed - Pre-reg Pharmacist

“Having worked for Boots before university, I wanted to continue with Boots as a pre-reg due to the training Boots provided. My store has been fantastic in providing plenty of opportunities to learn”

Kirsty Gray - Pre-Reg Pharmacist, Craigleith Edinburgh

“The company has a brilliant ethos, to provide easy access to the best advice and healthcare. With a huge emphasis being placed on person-centred care I knew that this company would help develop me into the best pharmacist I could ever be. The support from colleagues, my fellow Pre-reg’s, Pre-reg’s on the online forum, my healthcare academy trainer and the management team in my store made the transition from university to working full time easy.”

Zahra - Pre-registration Pharmacist

“I chose to stay and complete my Pre-Registration training with Boots, as I have been exposed to the development of the business throughout the years, understanding how the company operates, the extensive support that is provided during training, and networking extensively with various pharmacists across several pharmacies”

Neel Bhatt - Pre-Reg Pharmacist, Angel London

Our history

It all began in 1849 with a family and a store in Nottingham. John Boot opened the first herbalist shop that offered an affordable alternative to traditional medicines. It enabled the poorest to help themselves and championed everyone’s right to feel good. John Boot’s son, Jesse later took over the business, helping it to dramatically grow through manufacturing. This was the start of the store turning from a small family business, into the Boots we know today.

This is our story so far:

1895 We pioneer the use of analytical chemistry as a means of quality control, appointing our first analytical chemist. As the department develops, it becomes an established principle that nothing should be sold without it passing a number of rigorous examinations first - something we pride ourselves on to this day.
1925 A 24-hour pharmacy was opened at our Piccadilly Circus store. This is the first step to offering our customers an around-the-clock pharmacy service.
1927 Our existing sites in the centre of Nottingham had reached full capacity, so to support the growth of the business, a two-hundred- acre plot was purchased at Beeston in Nottingham to expand manufacturing capability.
1935 No.7 launches. Soon to become one of our most iconic brands, the product line evolved from a desire to provide a prestigious, but affordable beauty range. Specialist consultants were brought in to give expert customer advice and some of our stores even opened No.7 beauty salons.
1944 We begin mass producing penicillin and our factory becomes the world’s largest antibiotics manufacturing facility.
1951 We become the first chemist, and one of the first retailers, to introduce self-service at our store in Burnt Oak, London.
1969 Ibuprofen is launched as a prescription drug, under the name Brufen - the result of 16 years of research. Our team tested over 1,500 new compounds during their search. By 1980, Brufen was to become one of the UK’s number one anti-inflammatory treatments.
1970 The Boots Charitable Trust is set up to fund and support charities in Nottinghamshire. Over its forty-year lifetime, our Trust has donated around £10m to health, lifelong learning and community development in Nottinghamshire.
1987 Following on from the first in-store opticians practice in 1983, we form ‘Boots Opticians’ and soon become the second largest opticians in the UK, increasing our patient offering.
1997 We launch our Boots Advantage card, now used by millions of people on a weekly basis up and down the United Kingdom.
After 2000 The turn of the 21 st century has led to even more new services, such as hearing aids and, an online health and wellness information portal, soon to be made available to the public.
After 2000

From humble beginnings, we have grown to become one of the biggest pharmacies in the world. Despite this growth, our people are still at the heart of our business. Nearly 170 years later, we still want to show others what it really means to make a difference. Our purpose has always been to champion everyone’s right to feel good. Across 2,500 stores, and the people that work in them. People who care. People like you.


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Abena is a newly qualified Pharmacist. She completed her Pre-reg training last year and this video describes her journey.

Jasmin is our Learning & Development Manager, she answers some questions you may have about our Pre-reg year.

Marc is our Chief Pharmacist, he answers some questions about his career and our Pre-reg training programme.

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Abena Adjepong Pharmacist
Jasmin Patel L&D Manager
Marc Donovan Chief Pharmacist