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Our Pharmacists make our customers feel better, while helping them feel good too

Boots Admin
Boots Admin | June 14, 2016
What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? For Boots pharmacists, it is the chance to really help people and make a meaningful impact. At Boots UK that is exactly what we empower our pharmacists to do.
Our Pharmacists make our customers feel better, while helping them feel good too

At Boots, we believe that being a Pharmacist is about more than just dispensing medication. It’s about getting to know our customers and having the confidence and the freedom to come out from behind the counter and offer friendly and expert advice. All that, combined with genuine care, is what makes all the difference to the way we do things, and ensures our customers are happy. It’s also a chance for our Pharmacists to be part of a new kind of care whilst developing their careers further and gaining invaluable experience.

The pharmacy profession is changing, and this is our chance to improve the way we help people and communities, every single day – and inspire others to follow suit so we can build a better place to work, together.

We are empowering pharmacists in the community to take on greater responsibility – adapting the way they work to improve communication with customers, making them feel better while helping them feel good too.

It is for all these reasons that our new Pharmacist recruitment campaign is called ‘The best treatment is you’. Because at Boots UK, we see the patient behind the prescription. And that is where the journey starts.

Find out more and apply for Pharmacist opportunities.

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