It’s never too late – Mobeen’s story as a Pre-reg Pharmacist

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Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."

Mobeen is one of our Pre-registration Pharmacists – She has three young children and worked for us for nearly 20 years as a Dispenser, before choosing to follow her dream and become a Pharmacist. We caught up with Mobeen to find out more about her incredible journey which shows it’s never too late to pursue your dream role…

When did you start your career with us and where has your journey taken you to become a Pre-reg with us?

I originally started with Boots as a Christmas temp in 1995 before joining on a permanent basis as a Sales Assistant in Birmingham. Here I gained my Counter Assistant qualification and worked on the pharmacy counter. From this point on I knew I wanted a career in healthcare and I always wanted to work in a patient care driven environment.

Shortly after getting married I moved to Leicester in 1998 and was appointed to work as a Healthcare Assistant. I was very excited about this full-time role in healthcare. In 2005 I became qualified as a dispenser which is the role I continued in while studying towards my MPharm at university. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the pharmacists, I admired the knowledge that our Pharmacists displayed and the leadership they have in the pharmacy. The ambition to become a Pharmacist was always in the back of my mind.




What made you decide to go back to university and study to become a Pharmacist whilst continuing to work as a Dispenser with Boots

I admire the knowledge, expertise and patient care our Pharmacists provide every single day. I wanted to be able to have the clinical knowledge to be able to interpret a prescription and to better understand patient’s needs.

After receiving so much encouragement from my husband I set about to gain the qualifications I needed to obtain entry into university. In 2009 I enrolled on some GCSE courses and carried on with further education before joining university in 2013. My passion for pharmacy spurred me on to study full-time at university, while juggling being a mother to three young children and continuing with my position as a Dispenser at weekends.

Why did you choose to do your pre-registration training with Boots in particular?

It was Boots Pharmacists that made me know this company was the place for me. Patients often come into the pharmacy and want to discuss their prescribed medication or just want some further information about why they have been prescribed by the GP. Our patients often told me they turn to Boots Pharmacists for trusted advice and I found this inspirational while watching on as a Dispenser.

I have always worked for Boots and wanted to progress further within the company. There is a very good training package and support for pre-reg’s and I feel privileged to be part of the team. The pre-reg training package includes regular study days at which there is a calculations test in every session – this helps support the GPhC pre-reg exam. The study days also includes clinical practice and as well as aiding development of the skills sets needed to become a great Pharmacist.



How would you describe the support you’ve had throughout your journey?

I have been very fortunate to have a supportive family with understanding children.

The support I’ve had from the Pharmacists I have worked with whilst studying has been great as I could discuss aspects of degree and current guidelines with them.

My Healthcare Academy Trainer is a great help by guiding us through the Pre-reg training year. My tutor and Store Manager are also to hand whenever I need them.

So, in the last 5 years you’ve been a full time mother to 3 children, completed summer placements, studied towards and successfully obtained a 1st in your MPharm degree and worked for Boots as a Dispenser all at the same time. How do you do it?

It has been a challenging few years but I am a highly motivated individual and time management is certainly key…I have completed GCSE revision with a toddler in the background! My youngest is now nine years old and has only known me to study but I take time out with my children and plan activities’ because getting the balance right is very important.




How are you finding the experience as a Pre-reg in our Melton Mowbray store far?

It feels completely unreal to be working as a Pre-reg after all these years!

I am working in a very busy health centre and I am enjoying this challenging environment. There are endless opportunities to counsel patients and also to liaise closely with the GP practice.

It is a great learning environment with a great team and very supportive tutor and line manager, I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity. They are guiding through what is expected of me in terms of GPhC standards and CPD entries with regular reviews and development opportunities.

What would be your advice be to others who might be in a similar position to yourself and contemplating becoming a Pharmacist in the future?

My advice would be go for it. The journey has to begin somewhere. An inspirational quote I found by Earl Nightingale:



Mobeen Aziz Pre-registration Pharmacist