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My Finance Internship

Minal Khatri
Minal Khatri | February 01, 2016
Finance Intern
My name is Minal and I graduated from the University of Nottingham where I studied BSc Finance Accounting and Management.
My Finance Internship

After completing my second year at university, I worked as a Finance Intern at the Boots Support Office, from which I was offered a place on the Finance Graduate Programme.

I thought it would be helpful for me to give you an overview of my experience of the internship.

For my summer internship, I joined the Pharmacy Finance team. In terms of what we as interns got involved with, it varied depending on the role and the team you joined. My role was largely project based and I also took the opportunity to support team members by helping with routine tasks e.g. reporting, forecasting and developing processes. The great thing about working in Boots Finance is that there isn’t a ‘typical day’; my work was quite varied and no two days were the same, which made the role all that more interesting. In addition to your main role, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the wider business, from charity fundraising activities to Finance events.

The number of people and the structure of teams also varies for each department. At the time, the Pharmacy Finance team was made up of 14 people, with one Finance Director that had four Finance Managers reporting to him. Each Finance Manager was in charge of a different area of Pharmacy Finance and had a small sub-team of Finance Analysts reporting to them.

What really made the Finance Internship stand out for me was that the project I worked on enabled me to create something completely new which continues to be used by Boots today, so I was able to add real value to the business in such a short amount of time. Another aspect of the internship that stood out for me was the level of exposure and opportunities to network with senior finance leaders, including the Finance Director. A real highlight for me was being given the opportunity at the end of the internship to present my project to the Finance Leadership Team, which was a really rewarding experience and one which I was very grateful to be given so early on in my career.

I would recommend applying for the internship as I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it really insightful and it enabled me to enhance my understanding of finance and gain experience of how a finance function operates within industry before I completed my degree.

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