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Making a Difference with the Boots Benevolent Fund

Reena | November 10, 2015
Boots Benevolent Fund Manager
I’m Reena, Boots Benevolent Fund Manager. You’ll often hear me saying I have the best job in the organisation because it is genuinely a privilege to do what I get to do every day.
Making a Difference with the Boots Benevolent Fund

I manage our financial hardship charity which supports current and former colleagues when unexpected events happen that put a strain on their finances. My role ranges from reviewing cases from applicants, leading communications and fundraising, to organising events such as Benny Day!

Whilst it can be quite difficult to hear about what our colleagues are going through, it’s reassuring to know that the Fund can often help. The Fund assists with things including council tax, utility, rent arrears and funeral expenses right through to white goods and furniture. It’s a really special part of our heritage as we’ve had a Fund supporting our colleagues since 1908!

To see more examples of how the Fund helps our colleagues please the video below:


Recently I met one of our colleagues, Yvonne, who was helped by the Fund when going through chemotherapy a few years ago. Yvonne explained to me that the Fund was truly there for her when she desperately needed it: “It really helped me and I couldn’t believe it, it made the world of difference.”   Yvonne’s now back at work and doing really well but the help she received during that time definitely stayed with her.

The Fund is able to support colleagues like Yvonne through kind donations to the Charity. We hold an annual Benny Day across Support Office and our Stores. Yvonne decided that she wanted to give back to the Boots Benevolent Fund and involved the whole store in the fundraising efforts on Benny Day.

“After chatting with the team, we decided to have a tombola, and everyone brought in a gift.  The store donated some great prizes such as an extra day’s holiday which we loved!  We ended up with over 60 prizes, I cooked everyone a breakfast and we all enjoyed a sponsored bounce.”

In the Support Office in Nottingham we also host a fantastic Benny Day for our colleagues every year.

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