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HR Matters for Boots UK
I love working as a Recruitment Advisor because of the really great atmosphere and I’m working with some brilliant people and I’ve made some really great friends."

It’s been a really exciting few weeks for our Resourcing Transformation Team within the HR team at the Boots Support Office who do a fantastic job recruiting fantastic new talent into our business every year.

We know how important it is to adapt and change what we do and how we do it, to become bolder, better and faster for our candidates and colleagues. The brilliant news is that on 6 July, we delivered the technology that truly enables our people to become the driving force in providing brilliant end to end candidate care. Phillip Pearson, is one of our 12 Recruitment Transformation Champions. Phillip has been supporting our Recruitment Service Centre colleagues through this major change; he shares with us his story throughout this journey below.

Just call me ‘Big P’

Hello my name is Philip but everyone calls me ‘Big P’.  I was given this nick name by recruitment team colleagues when I joined Boots two years ago, as I’m tall, so I became Big P and it kind of stuck!

I love working as a Recruitment Advisor because of the really great atmosphere and I’m working with some brilliant people and I’ve made some really great friends.  I started working in the On-boarding team, looking after our Boots Support Office candidates and then just recently I’ve moved to a new role as a Senior Administrator.  My role is a bit unusual at the moment, as I’m not only supporting the launch of our brand new resourcing processes, but I’m also helping the On-boarding team with its day to day activities.

My Resourcing Transformation Champion Journey

It was really great to be nominated as a Resourcing Transformation Champion because I like being at the forefront of new things and it’s given me a great opportunity to land something really brilliant for my team. It’s great for the team too as they have a familiar and friendly face to support them through this change.

So how did I get started?  Well, I attended a workshop a few months ago to find out all about the new systems and processes and understand a bit more about the role of an RT Champion.  I got a sneaky peek of the new technology and then as a group we agreed how we wanted to work with the project team to land this thing brilliantly for our people.

I started out by helping to test the new system within Vacancy Management.  We spotted a few things that needed sorting, and it was nice to see that these had been resolved and how smooth everything was when we went live.  So I’d like to think I made a real difference.

Next, I reviewed the training materials and made some suggestions on how this could be improved from a practical point of view, to make it real for our guys and where some points needed more clarity to help with their understanding.   After initially sitting in and observing the training, I bravely took to the stage to deliver my first training session for the RSC.  It was quite scary at first, but the attendees asked some great questions, that I could answer and made some brilliant suggestions of things we can do to improve things for the future.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time floor walking since go live and it’s really nice to see our teams using the system for their work, and getting rid of all those manual spreadsheets.

We had our first huddle with the project team this week to share feedback and the views of our colleagues and it was great to get some on the spot resolutions which makes them feel really listened too.

Seeing the human side

Stephen Lehane, Director of HR, Boots UK and ROI,  popped over to see us this week and he spent some time with me, after he’d taken the mickey out of my cardigan, we had a conversation about how our new ways of working will make a big difference for our colleagues and candidates, and it was great for him to see the human side of this change too.  We had a look at the new system and chatted about the positive impact this change would have for our candidates and our people.

Some words of wisdom

If I had to give three pieces of advice to someone who was doing the role of an RT Champion for the first time they would be:

Be positive
Be really flexible and adaptable as you don’t know what colleagues are going to ask.
Keep your sense of humour

So if we’ve sparked your interest, have a look for job opportunities as a Recruitment Advisor and join our team in the Recruitment Service Centre.

Philip Philip Recruitment Advisor