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Great Job, Great Team, Great Cake

Sarah | November 16, 2015
Insight Analyst, Global Customer and Market Insights
My name is Sarah and I work in Global Customer and Market Insights at Boots UK in Nottingham. It is my first role since graduating from University and I have really enjoyed working in such a dynamic team.
Great Job, Great Team, Great Cake

Within the team there are a variety of sub divisions providing great insight across both the UK and International business. Whether you have an interest in customer loyalty, a particular brand/category, pricing and promotions, stores or the market in general there is something for everyone. I have recently had the opportunity to switch roles within the team and am really enjoying trying something new.

From demographic characteristics, customer shopping basket behaviours, spatial data and market share modelling, we use a huge range of internal and external data types in both research and analytical techniques to inform decisions. As a team we act as the voice of the customer and strive to provide actionable insight and recommendations.

There are great development opportunities within the team and a culture of learning is encouraged, whether it is peer-to-peer training, internal courses or linking up with external institutions. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to complete a Diploma in Direct & Digital Marketing last year.

As well as working hard, there are a variety of regular social events including exercise workouts, bowling, bouldering and football giving great opportunity to network across the team. They are extremely inclusive and have great representation across age groups, sub teams and work levels. The most important event of the week is Cakes & Quiz, where every Friday at 3pm work stops and the team celebrates the end of a productive week. On top of that we have a legendary fancy dress Christmas party!

Global Insights also get very involved with Children in Need, running a human fruit machine and raffle on the day and manning the phone lines during the live show.

So in a nutshell it’s an interesting job, with great development opportunities, a fantastic team and lots of cake!

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