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Christmas Temp to Pre-reg Pharmacist – Hursh’s story

Hursh Gagda
Hursh Gagda | January 12, 2018
Pre-registration Pharmacist
The people I have worked with during my time with the company have always been so supportive, encouraging me to progress and achieve my best! Why would I want to leave?
Christmas Temp to Pre-reg Pharmacist – Hursh’s story

Who am I?

My name is Hursh Gagda and I am currently a pre-registration pharmacist at Boots in Knightsbridge. I started my journey with Boots in October 2010, shortly after my 17th birthday, where I joined as a Christmas temp. I stayed on with the company throughout my studies, and I progressed from a Christmas temp, to a Customer Assistant, to a Healthcare Advisor, to a Pharmacy Advisor and now a Pre-registration Pharmacist.


Before starting my Pre-registration year…

A lot of people ask me why I have decided to stay with Boots for so long, and my reply has always been the same- “The people I have worked with during my time with the company have always been so supportive, encouraging me to progress and achieve my best! Why would I want to leave?” Ever since the beginning I have worked with amazing colleagues who have helped mould me into whom I am now. Whilst working for Boots I have made many life-long friends, who I consider my Boots family. A lot of people dread going to work, however, because of the friends I have made during my journey with Boots, I love it!


Starting my Pre-registration year

I started my pre-registration year on 31st July 2017. Despite having numerous years of experience under my belt, I was extremely nervous. It was a massive step up for me, which involved having more responsibility than I have ever had before. However, it was quickly made apparent to me that I was surrounded by many experienced staff, each of them made the effort to help me fit in to my role well. Within a couple of shifts, I felt like I was a part of a team with a shared agenda, to keep patients safe. My decision to stay with Boots for my Pre-registration was quickly made to seem like the right decision, purely because of the amount of support I was receiving.


What does the Pre-registration year involve?

What I love about my Pre-reg at Boots is the amount of experiences that you are exposed to, which helps with my professional and personal development. On top of the daily tasks of dispensing prescriptions, I also deal with some of the queries from patients, mentor Trainee Pharmacy Advisors and answer queries from other colleagues. Of course, if I ever felt like I needed help or wasn’t comfortable, my colleagues will always be there to guide me through it. These responsibilities really give me an idea of what my life will be like as a Pharmacist, so I don’t think I could ask for a better training!

During the year, there are various training days which all Pre-registration students attend, which focus on the clinical aspects. The training days provide a holistic view on patient centred care and really make you understand how we can provide the best possible healthcare for our patients. We also do calculation papers at each training day which helps prepare us for the dreaded exam at the end of the year!


Would I recommend the Boots Pre-registration Programme?

The overall programme is incredibly supportive. I have not felt out of place or alone at all during the year. If I had any queries, not necessarily only about Pre-reg, they were quickly answered. I am provided with endless amounts of resources to help progress through the year. Not only do the training days help academically, but it allows you to meet the other Pre-registration students who are in the same boat as you, with the same goal in mind! Your colleagues truly becomes your work family who help and support each other, so overall, I would definitely recommended it!


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